Visual Research Methods- Project #3: Brainstorming Phase

Project #3

I am still in brainstorming mode for my final project in Visual Research Methods. My ideas are tentative but are as follows:

(With all of these ideas, I would like to incorporate the role social media or one of its platforms has played)
1) I will do my own digital storytelling project, and tell a story that involves why I became a vegan OR a meaningful experience I’ve had with it through the physical and/or emotional journey OR a moment when I’ve felt proud of myself and my actions due to my beliefs. I will include social media experiences, which are relevant in creating the story.  


2) I will do a digital storytelling project on someone who I know and admire who is a vegan/environmentalist/nature lover, and what it means to them to respect the natural world. I will possibly base the story around the company or person’s Instagram handle or a hashtag.


3) I will do a digital story telling project on one of the big social media platforms (twitter, facebook, Instagram etc) and veganism. This would also involve a section of my personal story, but perhaps will be more focused on the cause and the platform.

Still considering how I would like to do this and what I will need.      

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  1. MP:me said:

    Anastasia: Remember that this project needs to be like a “paper” too. A paper about these interesting issues. A paper that might take another form because it is on the Internet. There’s nothing wrong with being personal in your scholarly work but you need to retain a critical, analytical or theoretical voice in the process as well.

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