User-Generated Storytelling

User-Generated Storytelling

To compare Joe Lambert’s model to user generated stories, I searched the hashtag #meditate on Twitter and took screengrabs of the tweets that seemed to tell personal stories.

Joe Lambert’s model showed a personal relationship with a space and meditation, and its organization made it fluid and graceful. The tweets are more random and have less personal information, but give a 140character snapshot into a personal relationship or experience with meditation.

I argue that they although Lambert’s model is more intellectual and thought out, both forms offer insight into meditation and people.

In order to better understand this, I would need to click through to the user’s page and look at how meditation exists in their lives, or does not exist. In this way we can look at a picture of the user’s life.

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  1. alex said:

    I agree that these are both useful pictures of people’s lives. Your work as a critic can be to help us distill what are the best affordances of each method: ie what does each do well, or allow, and what might each preclude?

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