A great example of why media and obsessions with visual can benefit our society: Seeing a film can influence people more powerfully than reading the text of an article. Some individuals receive a very perfect and very real experience through text typed into an article, provided the writing is good. But a well made visual experience spans a larger reach across the general population.
Blackfish: A documentary introducing people to what they cannot see in person using digital and visual. A young orca being captured for entertainment/education. An intelligent animal following natural instincts- What do orcas do when mammals flop around in front of them? An emotional and frustrated animal living its life in a pool a bit smaller than some of the Icelandic communal baths which were built for humans looking to relax.
When I was a child I loved to watch Yaka and Vigga perform in Northern California, begging my parents to take me at least a few times a year; Killer Whales have almost always been my favorite animal. (Yaka has since died of Pneumonia, dying some 30 years earlier than other orcas of her age group from the Pacific Northwest A5 pod.) No one ever asked me to consider what was actually happening. How are the whales captured? What is their 24/7 living arrangement like? Do orcas ever naturally carry other animals around on their noses? What would they be doing all day if not this? What are the physical repercussions of a Killer Whale not swimming the natural ~70miles a day? Why don’t their dorsal fins stand up and what does this mean about the rest of their bodies?
Blackfish won’t just tell you, Blackfish will show you.

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