The Humanities in a Digital Age

We are now in the Digital Age. Some scholars believe the humanities should not and are not touched by the Digital Revolution- History, English, Philosophy etc. are traditional and timeless fields. Research, read text, theorize. I could not disagree more. Digital is not a trend of pop culture that we are to roll our superior eyes at. It is a great invention that we have not fully figured out how to use yet. And it is infiltrating every industry in America in at least some way.

A scholar’s essay in Debates In the Digital Humanities (cited in previous post) compared Digital Humanities to the invention of the Telescope. It 1)is a tool and 2)has changed our relationship with the world.

This is a video from Yale University’s Youtube channel. Skip to 18:27 for statistics and Professor Crane’s commentary on the span of internet users today (video posted in 2012.)

He is telling us, showing us, it is an talk at Yale University, shown on their Youtube channel, and it now lives on my Digital Humanities academic blog. We are collaborating ideas using new tools, as well as creating a new way to experience the information. Telescope.

  1. alex said:

    Anastasia: I think your comments about feelings, and affect, in relation to both the rhetoric and politics of video essays is very important, and demands further thinking, watching and reading! I think you’ll learn a lot from both Eisenstein and Vertov (in our section on documentary) and how they both theorize montage and also the political/ideological uses of film (over other forms of discourse).

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